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Set at the crossroads of dreams and nightmares, "The Agitated" follows our hero, Guy, on a darkly comic odyssey into the undiscovered country of his own soul where danger lurks in every shadow and every light flickers with the promise of high adventure…and low comedy...

Check out a scene from an upcoming adventure of 

"The Agitated"!

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Advanced praise for "The Agitated'' :

"WOW... Wonderful Piece. Everything about it is first class..."

Fred C.Caruso - producer - Blue Velvet, Network, Casualties of War, The Godfather...

"An amazing film. Bold and original!"

David Dinerstein President of DsquaredFilms, Co-Founder of Paramount Classics, Former head of marketing for Miramax ... 

"I loved your movie. I mean, truly loved it. The writing is hilarious and spot on. The performances were perfect. And the direction... I'm in a little bit in awe. Blown away I was."

Keiran Malroney - writer/director/musician(Cranky George)/actor - Paper Man, Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows...

"The Agitated is a tour-de-force animated depiction of imagination run wild.  Mr. Maybank’s first film outing is a fever pitched romp that has us all wondering what is coming next. We can’t wait!"

Karol Martesko - Fenster - EVP & COD, ABRAMORAMA

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